Hauve X Play Dirty

We are incredibly excited to announce our 2019 collaboration with UK rap duo, Krept and Konan, to celebrate the duo’s 10 years in the music game. The duo first released their clothing range “Play Dirty” in 2011 and they soon grew this into other areas and created a strong brand in itself, hosting radio shows, parties etc. We felt that creating a Hauve x Play Dirty piece was the best way to represent the duo’s rise in the industry and show exactly how far they have come.

Hauve Founder Bobby Drewett’ said “Personally I have been a huge fan of the boys from their early days, for me when they dropped their version of ‘Otis’ that’s what I called breaking the internet. Now they are more than 2 rappers from South London, they’ve evolved into a brand themselves, businessmen and much more. This was always the first collaboration I wanted to do moving into the music world, they represent home grown London talent, and this is exactly the ethics we are building Hauve on”.

We spent a day in the studio with the guys, capturing their first time seeing the ‘watch’ in person! We captured some great images and video content, to give you guys a brief insight into the duo’s current position and where they are with their lives and music.

The first drop will be limited to only 300 pieces, we anticipate these will go extremely quick, so if you’re still reading this far…you may have missed out! The guys were good enough to sign 15 boxes so they will be distributed at random, and we may save a few for competitions.

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